Select the perfect white Bordeaux


White Bordeaux wine and summer - a perfect pairing

White Bordeaux wine and summer – a perfect pairing

With summer officially just around the corner and sweltering heat here to stay, what better way to cool off than a chilled glass of white wine. 

 The Bordeaux Wine Council has just released a helpful little  animated video that demonstrates just how quick and  easy it is to select the perfect white wine that I think you will enjoy.

With 100 wines priced between $9 and $35, go here to search and navigate through many tasty wines, suitable for any summer gathering.

Wine and a map and you're ready to explore

Wine and a map and you’re ready to explore

There is a Bordeaux white wine for every occasion, and to better demonstrate it the wine maker has created a series of infographics that breaks down the rich and ceamy Bordeauxs from light & fruity, examining food and wine pairing and depicting the beautiful region of Bordeaux with a colorful map of France.

For a real geek-treat roll over a year to uncover its vintage  .